30 MIN CALORIE KILLER HIIT with weights – Full Body, Burn Calories Build Muscle | 30×30 Day – 28

DAY 28 is a follow along 30 minute full body dumbbell workout that will target every muscle group with compound movements to help you become stronger, build lean muscle, burn energy for hours after completing, and basically leave you feeling awesome!!

I really want you guys to practice proper form. Quality over quantity. Slow and controlled. Don’t use the momentum, make sure YOU are in control.

The weight I am using is a set of 10lb dumbbells. A little lighter than I would use for Full Body but I want to get more quality reps out of this workout. If you have lighter weights than you would prefer, simply perform more reps than me and at a slightly faster pace. If you have a higher weight than you would prefer remember to be careful and do fewer reps and control the movement to avoid injury. Strong core!


0:00 WARM UP
4:27 CIRCUIT 1
19:27 CIRCUIT 2

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