How To Fill Coloring Pages in Procreate ⭐ (for beginners)

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Hello hello! 👋 Watch this video in 4K and in full screen if you can, so you can read all the details on the screen!

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The channel was formerly known as The Whole Happy Life and has been rebranded to Ria Karan to account for the change in focus. The Whole Happy Life was mostly focused on health and lifestyle. The new channel, Ria Karan, will primarily focus on digital art in Procreate and creativity.


In today’s video, I will walk you through 15 tips that every beginner should know about filling in coloring pages in Procreate. Many of these tips can also apply to making illustrations without coloring pages too.

How many of these tips were new to you? Let me know in the comments below!



Introduction to Filling Coloring Pages in Procreate 00:00
How to Import a PNG file into Procreate 00:58
How to Import a PDF into Procreate 2:32
How to Fill a Coloring Page with a Transparent Background 3:38
How to Fill a Coloring Page with a Non-Transparent Background 4:12
The Simplest Way to Fill a Coloring Page in Procreate 4:49
Using Reference Layer to Color Faster 6:01
Fixing High Color Threshold in Procreate (Overfill) 6:57
Fixing Low Color Threshold in Procreate (Underfill) 7:53
Line Art Gaps 8:22
Adding Color in Procreate by Tapping 9:25
Adding Texture Using Clipping Mask 10:52
Changing Brush Size in Procreate 12:27
Dry Ink Brush as a Coloured Pencil Alternative 13:19
Dynamic Brush Scaling 13:48
Changing the Color of Line Art in Procreate 14:46
Changing Colors using Adjustments Panel 16:08
Outro 17:12

➡️ COPYRIGHT NOTICE: My tutorials and videos on this channel are meant for practice only. While you may share your results on social media, please tag me and give me credit.

You are not allowed to sell anything you make from a tutorial on this channel unless it has been altered enough for it to bear no resemblance to the original idea. Any downloads you receive from me are meant for personal purposes only and cannot be sold commercially.


⭐ iPad Pro 12.9 inch 128GB (2020 model)
⭐ Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
⭐ Procreate drawing app
⭐ Paperlike matte screen protector (it’s good for texture, but it does reduce screen clarity)


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About this channel:

Hello hello! I’m Ria – an illustrator, surface designer and YouTuber with a background in nutrition and food engineering.

I have a wide variety of passions and interests and I love to learn new things related to my passions. I created this channel to be a space where I can share my knowledge and skills on different topics (and occasionally make cute cat videos too!). I have two cats by the way – you’ll see them in many of my videos. 😸

My current goal is to share what I know to help YOU grow your skills and knowledge on topics related to creativity, digital art (in Procreate) for beginners and intentional living.

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